The Dragon-Gods of Strata Varia have absolute rule over their respective steads, although the nature of that rule ranges from political to fervently religious depending on the stead. Huge, powerful, and highly intelligent beings, the Dragon-Gods’ attitudes toward their subjects, as well as humanity in general, vary widely.

Dragons in this setting do not breathe fire or any other element; instead, all Dragons have sophisticated and powerful Voice organs on either side of their throat. These organs can create sounds ranging from sub- to ultrasonic, and focus them on any point within a hundred feet with such precision as to speak audibly to one person in a crowd with nobody else the wiser; or to speak to everyone in the crowd at a consistent volume. A Dragon’s Voice can also be used as a potent weapon, it is powerful enough to shatter stone or reduce a human body to pulp. Furthermore, because a Dragon’s Voice is much stronger and far more precise than human vocal chords can replicate, a Dragon’s mastery of any technology that utilizes tuning crystals is much greater than a human could ever attain. In fact, some devices, particularly the larger and more intricate ones, can only be operated by Voice.

Most Dragons can fly on broad, membranous wings, but no Dragon would ever deign to be ridden by a human.

The Dragon-Gods that currently sit on the Draconic Council include:

Archelion is known to be the oldest living Dragon-God, but as far as any human knows, Dragons are immortal- none have ever died in the memory of a human, and no legends speak of a Dragon dying or being slain, except perhaps by another Dragon.


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