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Strata Varia is set on a world where civilization exists in a narrow band of livable atmosphere sandwiched between the Firmament, the unbroken cloud layer above, and the Shroud, a dense sea of mists below.

Piercing the Shroud from the planet’s surface are a number of mighty mountain peaks, and these are where the people of the setting make their homes. Each peak is home to a single city-state, or stead, dedicated to and ruled by a powerful Dragon-God.

Note that “Strata Varia” is the name of the setting, not the planet. The residents of the planet have no name for it, as they have no knowledge of what a planet is, and the words “Strata Varia” would mean nothing to them. The words are derived from the way the world is stratified by the layers of fog both above and below, and obviously influenced by the well known family of violin crafters, as music and sound play an important role in the setting.

The setting is based on a game of Universalis played over two sessions at Forge Midwest 2006 by Dave, Becky, Todd, Alek, Raven, and Juli.

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