A stead is simply the term for any of the city-states that exist on the mountain peaks that thrust up through the Shroud of mist that covers the planet’s surface. Not every peak is inhabited, but each peak with a stead is ruled over by a Dragon-God, from which that stead takes its name.

Some steads occupy single, monolithic “islands”, while others consist of two or more actual peaks, or in rare cases, a longer ridge. Travel within a stead is generally on foot, with trolleys or ziplines between nearby peaks of the same stead. Powered gliders of various designs allow for travel from stead to stead, and some steads share a healthy trade relationship, while others are more geographically and culturally isolated.

The laws, culture, social mores, and technology from one stead to another vary, although life is generally fairly comfortable everywhere.

Important steads:

There are plenty of uninhabited peaks, some explored, others yet unknown. A few are home to specialized facilities, temples, or mines, and may be claimed by nearby steads or shared among several via treaty. Some peaks “rise” and “fall” over decades, due to tidal fluctuations in the Shroud. The main steads are in places where the tides of the Shroud are stable and well known.

One peak, Cloudspire, does not have an official stead, only a small population of handpicked priests and priestesses dedicated to the service of the Archelion, the High Dragon, who makes his home there.


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